Where does the name Life Plan Resorts come from?

LIFE: Live life to the fullest in a vibrant community where you can travel, explore and learn.

PLAN: Lifelong security of tenure, access to quality healthcare, financial certainty.

RESORT: Luxury contemporary living, on a golf estate close to Nature with gastronomic delight.

What is a life plan community?
A life plan community offers people over the age of 55 a choice of independent living options coupled with a varying degree of continuum healthcare needs. In the United States there are over 2000 continuing care retirement communities (CCRC), also known as lifetime communities, that house over 600,000 senior residence with various levels of specialty healthcare.
What are the advantages of a life plan community?

LPR offers you your choice of contemporary, fully equipped and serviced independent living unit in a vibrant community, setting with over 100 activities per day and resort style amenities that feature fine dining, ten-star service and a spa. Residents are also guaranteed access to quality healthcare, including homecare, rehabilitation and other dependency facilities managed by a team of healthcare professionals. The holistic approach is focused on health, well-being, and living life to the fullest.

Why is healthy ageing so important?

As our world continues to age, there are a growing number of factors that can accelerate the ageing process and increase mortality rates. These include loneliness and isolation, which can contribute to depression, as well as separation from a spouse due to late-life illness.

Lack of regular exercise or activity, poor cognitive stimulation, and difficulty socializing, along with poor nutrition, medication adherence, and chronic disease management, can all contribute to unhealthy ageing. That’s why promoting healthy ageing is crucial to ensuring that older adults can continue to lead active and fulfilling lives. Research has shown that older people who maintain good physical health are better equipped to perform daily activities, including self-care and household chores, and have a lower risk of developing chronic diseases.

Healthy ageing also plays a critical role in mental health by preventing or delaying depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline, which can interfere with daily tasks and social engagement. Practising healthy ageing leads to a longer and more fulfilling life in one’s later years.

What is our antidote for accelerated ageing and increased mortality?
We focus on a holistic approach which includes physical & cognitive wellness, financial certainty, social engagement, basic needs, novel experiences/activities, green living, quality care, and inclusive culture.
How do I benefit from the healthy ageing and ageing in place programs developed LPR?
The healthy ageing program is based on science and focuses on the physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects related to ageing. These can slow the ageing process and reduce mortality with proper chronic disease management and cognitive lifelong learning.

Ageing at home through LPR’s managed home care program delays separation from one’s loved ones and reduces isolation and loneliness.

Why is the brain so important in the ageing process?
Professor Dan Siegel, a world, renowned neurobiologist, and professor of psychiatry at UCLA describes the brain as a social organ that needs relationships, stimulation, and purpose for a survival. The serene ecology, community, and social setting with a holistic approach offers the best plan for retirement – access to quality healthcare, financial security, and peace of mind for the family.
What are the potential benefits of living in a LPR CCRC?
Also known as “continuing care retirement communities,” our destinations provide a continuum of care that includes the modalities of independent or assisted living, and skilled medical, memory and nursing care. This means that residents can live independently in their own apartments or townhouses and then transition to assisted living or medical or nursing care if and when they need it.

In addition to housing rights and health care services, these communities offer a range of amenities and activities for body and mind designed to promote health, healthy living, wellness and social connection.

Last but not least, one potential benefit of a life use rights arrangement is that it can be less expensive than other types of retirement living arrangements, such as buying a unit outright or renting. Residents are guaranteed access to quality healthcare, entertainment, and accommodation for as long as needed.

Is there a minimum age to consider living in an LPR community?

Residents have to be 55 years of age or older to join the community. The Life Lease is only available from 65+. One spouse in a couple can be younger than 55 if the other meets the age requirement.

What types of housing options are available in LPR community?
In our eco-friendly community, you can experience a diverse selection of stunning homes designed to cater to your unique preferences and requirements. These thoughtfully crafted residences offer captivating views of the secure and environmentally conscious Benavente nature reserve. Our range of independent living units encompasses various types and sizes, such as apartments and villas, providing options for 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms with a few penthouses. Each home is fully equipped and maintained, reflecting a contemporary style that harmonizes with the surroundings.
Why choose LPR over another senior community?

Life Plan Resorts (LPR) is offering retirees a “Healthy Ageing Plan” that addresses all of your retirement pain points. This is far more than an independent living unit or retirement village. Our LPR offers an integrated and comprehensive solution which addresses the main factors that accelerate ageing and increase mortality. Our offering is the most comprehensive retirement plan in the world.

What am I buying – 3 things?

a) Life Lease of use of the apartment of your choice until you pass or terminate

  • Pricing starts at €450 000 and will depend on the location, size, etc;
  • All units are fully equipped;
  • Payment is structured via a loan agreement which is set off against monthly lease rentals (will vary from 15-20 years).

b) Club Membership giving you access to all facilities plus discounts on certain purchases

  • Refundable entrance fee of €100 000 for single and €150 000 for couples;
  • The Club is an association, not-for-profit, and will levy a monthly fee.

c) Homeowner type services including utilities, TV, internet, free transport on site

  • Inclusive of security, landscaping, repairs & maintenance, insurance, laundering of flats and weekly housekeeping;
  • Monthly minimum spend on F&B of €400 per person – quarterly reconciliation.

Each resident will be entitled to 15% discount on all F&B, spa treatments, certain retail stores.

What is a Life Plan Agreement?

In LPR retirement communities, Life Plans, also known as life leases, refer to a specific type of residency agreement. Under this arrangement, residents pay an upfront fee, commonly known as an ‘entrance fee’, that grants them the right to live in the unit of their choice for the rest of their life. They also gain access to the community’s amenities and services. These typically include landscaping, security, and other perks. In exchange for these benefits, the resident is responsible for ongoing monthly HOA type fees that cover expenses such as maintenance, utilities, and other services.

What is the cost of a Life Plan Agreement?
The cost ranges from €450,000 to €900,000, based on the location of the property and the type of accommodation chosen – whether it’s a studio, 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom, whether it’s a flat, villa or semi-detached house.
Can I terminate and will I get a refund?
Termination can be given at any time on 90 days written notice. The club membership entrance fee is fully refundable within 90 days of termination. Any amount still owing on the loan will be refunded according to a formula subject to a maximum refund of 80%. In the event of default by LPR the unit will act as security.
What rent do I pay when the loan is fully repaid?
Zero. You will automatically switch to a Commodato Lease, which gives you the right of tenancy until you pass and rent free. You cannot be evicted.
What about inflation and future escalations?

a) Life Lease is an upfront payment for the rest of your life – no escalations;

b) Monthly Club fees are expected to stay below CPI:

  • Part of the entrance fee is invested in LPR Guest Services which provides up to 30% preferred profit participation, thus mitigating future increases monthly dues;

c) Bundled services will escalate at the rate of CPI.

Are family or friends allowed to visit me?
There is a hotel onsite (or rental pool apartments) for family, friends, and guests to come visit year round. Direct family members will receive attractive discounts. Numerous activities for families and grandchildren are available. Golf packages are available.
What dining options will be available?
Our community offers an array of dining choices to satisfy your culinary preferences. You can indulge in daily set menus or select from a wide range of a la carte options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at our restaurants. For coffee enthusiasts, our coffee shop offers barista-served coffee, delectable freshly baked cakes, treats, and light meals. For intimate gatherings, a private dining room is available where you can collaborate with our chef and his team to design a personalized menu. Additionally, our licensed bar provides a delightful setting for socializing. Should you prefer to entertain at home, you have the convenience of preparing meals in your own kitchen or ordering in.
What can I expect from life at LPR?
Balance is essential in life, and at LPR community, we understand the significance of nurturing harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. That’s why our way of life adopts a holistic approach, encompassing not only the needs you are aware of but also those you may not have considered yet but will undoubtedly value. LPR provides a dynamic and thriving community environment that counteracts feelings of loneliness and isolation. With over 100 daily activities, interest groups, a range of amenities, and numerous dining options, you’ll find yourself immersed in a vibrant atmosphere, all set amidst the beauty of nature.
What kind of amenities will be available?

You’ll have access to an extensive range of amenities at your fingertips, including resort-style hospitality, exceptional dining experiences, and a spa that revolves around a cosmopolitan “downtown plaza.” This plaza features a Club Membership & Cultural Center, where you’ll discover an assortment of shops, retail outlets, cinemas, flats, a hotel, sports centre, a magnificent ballroom, convenient restroom facilities, a park, a sports bar, learning centres, card rooms, a pro-shop, and games rooms—everything you would expect from a modern city. Additionally, we provide a Grocery Store, a bank, a travel agency, health services with, as well as hair, nail, and beauty salons. You can also indulge in retail therapy at our mall, creating a comprehensive and convenient lifestyle experience.

What kind of indoor and outdoor activities will be available?

LPR offers an extensive range of wellness and recreational amenities to enhance your lifestyle. Stay active and fit at our state-of-the-art fitness centre and enjoy invigorating workouts. Take a refreshing dip in our indoor pool or engage in activities such as pilates, yoga, and dance classes at our dedicated studios. Stay informed and inspired with expert lectures on health and wellness, and expand your culinary skills with our engaging cooking classes. For sports enthusiasts, our community boasts a 36-hole golf estate, tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball and volleyball courts, lawn bowls, bocce, padel courts, and more. Explore the outdoors with walks, hiking, biking, and boating options, and indulge in bird watching and conservation tours. Embrace your green thumb with organic gardening activities. With an impressive lineup of approximately 100 activities per day, you’ll have endless opportunities to engage, learn, and thrive.

How does LPR connect residents through their common interests?

At LPR, we pride ourselves on our distinctive offerings, and one standout feature is our exclusive Club Membership & Cultural Center. As a member, you’ll gain access to a diverse selection of over 100 activities per day, catering to various interests and preferences. Engage in friendly card games, stimulating rounds of Scrabble, or immerse yourself in the strategic gameplay of Mahjong. With more than 150 interest groups and social clubs available, you’ll find like-minded individuals to connect and share experiences with. Our community fosters a vibrant social atmosphere, with a calendar brimming with social activities, travel opportunities, and captivating entertainment options. Indulge in the ambience of our lounges and delight in wine-tasting experiences. Stay active and energized at our well-equipped fitness centre, complete with an inviting indoor pool. Embrace outdoor pursuits and explore the natural surroundings. Expand your knowledge at our learning centre, featuring enlightening lectures and engaging classes. Immerse yourself in the magic of cinema and enjoy shows in our auditorium. To ensure seamless transportation, we offer complimentary on-site transport as well as daily shuttles to Lisbon, allowing you to conveniently access the city’s attractions.

Can I move between different levels of care in LPR?
Yes, residents can move between the different levels of care (independent, assisted, memory) as their needs change. This allows them to receive the necessary support and care without having to move elsewhere.
What do you mean by independent living?
Independent living caters to individuals who are self-sufficient but desire access to lifestyle amenities and support as needed. It offers a convenient and worry-free living experience, providing peace of mind by ensuring that assistance is readily available whenever and however it is required. This inclusive approach is part of a comprehensive healthcare continuum, ensuring that you have access to the necessary support and services in a flexible manner that suits your preferences. The goal of independent living is to provide older adults with a supportive and engaging environment while allowing them to maintain their independence and privacy.
And if I need assisted living?

At LPR, we prioritize your evolving needs, ensuring that our services adapt accordingly. We are fully equipped to provide various types of assisted living options to cater to your changing requirements. From supportive care delivered in the comfort of your own home to comprehensive support within assisted living facilities, nursing care, rehabilitation services, and specialized memory care, we offer a range of solutions. Our utmost concern is your well-being, safety, and peace of mind. This means that if your needs shift, there may be no need for a transfer to a separate assisted living facility. We can bring the necessary care and support directly to you, providing access to both physical resources and compassionate healthcare professionals skilled in managing chronic diseases and administering telemetry medication, among other essential services. An additional daily fee may apply to cover extra meals and additional nursing care.

What is LPR nursing care?
Experience exceptional 24-hour nursing care through our specialized nursing facilities. These facilities are designed to deliver outstanding nursing services round the clock. Our assisted living options cater to both short-term and long-term stays. In short-term situations, residents can benefit from specialized care as they transition back to their homes following hospitalization or surgery. Long-term care is also available for individuals with complex medical conditions, ensuring they receive daily specialized interventions and attentive support for their unique healthcare needs. Rest assured that our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is committed to providing the highest level of care and promoting your well-being throughout your stay.
What if I have a need for memory care in the future?
Our memory care service is purposefully designed to address the unique challenges associated with cognitive decline. We provide a supportive environment where residents can actively engage with their peers, maintain a comforting routine schedule, and interact with our team members who possess specialized training in dementia care. In this type of assisted living residence, round-the-clock care is available, tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each resident, all within a secure and safe environment. Our spaces are thoughtfully designed to meet the specific requirements of memory care, and our events and activities are carefully planned to ensure residents have every opportunity to live life to the fullest and experience a sense of well-being. With our dedicated memory care service, residents can thrive and enjoy each day to the utmost.
And If I need specific rehabilitation care?

At LPR, we offer comprehensive assisted care services to cater to individuals in need of specialized rehabilitation care. Our team of certified professionals is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our residents and assisting them in achieving their highest level of independence. Whether it’s recovering from an injury or managing a chronic condition, we provide personalized care plans and therapies tailored to meet specific rehabilitation needs. Our focus is on empowering residents to regain their physical and functional abilities, enabling them to lead fulfilling and independent lives. With our committed and experienced care team, you can trust that you or your loved ones will receive the utmost support and attention on the path to recovery and well-being.

Can someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia live at LPR?
Yes. We recognize that dementia manifests differently for each individual, and we understand the importance of finding the most suitable living option for you and your loved ones. Our team will offer guidance and advice to help you make informed decisions based on your specific circumstances. We prioritize fostering independence for as long as possible, supporting individuals to maintain their autonomy and sense of self. Regular reassessment of needs is an integral part of our approach, ensuring that as conditions evolve, appropriate adjustments can be made to provide the necessary care and support. Our goal is to provide a compassionate and adaptable environment that promotes the highest possible quality of life for individuals living with dementia.
How big is the property?
The real estate forms part of the Tagus River Nature Reserve one of the largest wetlands in Western Europe and measures 509 ha or 1270 acres comprising over 5,000,000 m². It has 2.8 km of river frontage with an adjacent full meter boardwalk to allow residence to exercise in a beautiful setting along the river surrounded by 20-meter cork forest trees.
Why is Life Plan Resorts considered a sustainable resort?

LPR is considered a comprehensive sustainable resort, addressing aspects of hotel operations, from facility design to daily operational practices. Here are some strategies to be implemented: installation of water-saving devices in showers, faucets, and toilets, utilization of efficient irrigation systems, as well as the implementation of rainwater harvesting systems.

The resort will also invest in the installation of solar panels to supplement a portion of the resort’s energy demand, along with other practices to reduce energy consumption, such as the use of motion sensors for lighting and the selection of energy-efficient appliances, as well as the use of LED lighting. We will also have electric vehicle charging points.

Regarding waste management, LPR will implement an efficient waste management program, including proper separation of recyclable and organic waste, as well as the use of composting fertilizers.

LPR will prioritize local suppliers who follow sustainable practices and offer organic and fair-trade products. We will choose eco-friendly construction materials and furniture that are durable and made from renewable or recycled resources, avoiding the use of disposable products.

How far is it from Lisbon and the airport?
They are complimentary daily shuttles to the center Lisbon, which is a 35-minute drive. The airport is a 40-minute drive from LPR and connects to all major cities in Europe.
What happens when I go on vacation?
To ensure a seamless and secure experience, we kindly request that you notify our Concierge in advance of any planned absence. This allows us to make necessary arrangements in case of emergencies and ensures that we can keep a watchful eye on your home during your absence. Additionally, our attentive Concierge team is available to assist you with various tasks and maintenance needs that may arise. Simply reach out to them, and they will be more than happy to provide the support and assistance you require. And remember there is a Pet Hotel to give you peace of mind.
Is there transportation and is it wheelchair accessible?
Yes. We have shattles available for residents on site, that are all wheelchair accessible. LPR is designed so that all areas are accessible to all residents – no matter their mobility needs and requirements.
Is there security on site?

Our residents’ safety and well-being is our primary concern therefore we have strict access control, camera monitoring, and security. Each resident will receive a wearable with GPS monitoring and an alert call button for any emergency.

Where would I park my car?
At LPR, we prioritize convenient parking options to accommodate your needs. Each residence is equipped with at least one garage, and in some cases, double garages are available. Additionally, we offer covered parking or basement parking facilities for added protection and convenience. Ample visitor parking spaces are also provided to ensure that guests have hassle-free access. Rest assured, we have taken measures to ensure that parking is readily available, including other covered parking options, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is securely accommodated. An RUV park will be available as well as onsite self storage.
May I bring my pet to live with me?

At LPR, we understand and appreciate the important role that pets play in our residents’ lives, recognizing them as cherished members of the family. We gladly welcome pets into our community, acknowledging the significant bond they share with their owners. However, it’s important to note that there may be certain restrictions in place to ensure the well-being and harmony of all residents. We kindly request that you consult with our team to familiarize yourself with any specific guidelines or limitations regarding pet ownership within our community. Our aim is to create a pet-friendly environment that accommodates both the needs of our residents and the welfare of their furry companions. There will be grooming, a supervised park and a pet hotel on site.

What incentives await Founder Residents?

Founder Residents are rewarded with exclusive privileges and opportunities. The initial commitment involves the first 50 villas/apartments sold, as so, the program will continue until phase 1 is sold out.

Regarding the Platinum referral resident status, it is granted for more than 5 referrals in any 12 months.

Incentives for Founder Members:

  • €50.000 discount on Club Entrance Fee for couples.
  • Exemption from Club fees for 2 years, saving approximately €20.000

Choose one from the list below:

  • 5 individual golf lessons
  • €300 voucher for use in the spa, beauty salon, and private yoga session
  • Exclusive in-house premium dining experience for 4 people, prepared by Chef Vasco.
  • Helicopter ride to explore the region’s beauty
  • Sunset boat cruise for 2 hours
  • Golf tour to Vilamoura with 5-star hotel included for 3 nights
  • Voucher for skydiving and food & beverage
  • Race car driving experience at Algarve International Racetrack

Platinum Resident Incentive (For achieving more than 5 referrals in any 12-month period): additional incentive of €20.000.

Is there any Referral Program available?

Those who kindly recommend Life Leases at Life Plan Resorts are met with a splendid array of rewards, each more captivating than the last. Please select one among these offerings:

  • Trip to Azores for 4 people, including 5-star hotel and flight
  • 3-day trip to Porto and Douro for 4 people, including accommodation in 5-star hotel
  • Private cruise in partnering company, including an experience with Quinta do Vesuvio
  • Boutique hotel experience in Porto or Douro for 2 nights, such as at Six Senses Douro Valley Portugal.
  • Delivery of 4 bottles of premium wine per month for a year
  • Voucher for a Michelin-star restaurant in Lisbon plus show tickets
  • Electric bike
  • Customized classic golf cart (upon recommending 5 people).
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