Why LPR?

Our retirement plan is unique in the market. Why?

We are a game-changer for retirees

With a unique comprehensive solution to address the major factors that accelerate ageing and increase mortality, LPR’s CCRC model ensures security and peace of mind on all fronts. Plus, with a variety of daily activities and amenities to choose from, LPR creates a vibrant community atmosphere, making it the perfect place to live.

We are stylish, contemporary, eco-friendly and situated in the best country to live in

LPR is the first luxury senior community in Europe and the most comprehensive retirement plan in the world, offering accommodation, hospitality, fitness, wellness and ongoing healthcare on a 36-hole golf estate situated in the Tejo River Nature Reserve in Benavente, Portugal – the best place to retire in Europe and one of the safest countries in the world.

We promote healthy ageing

Our antidote to combat accelerated ageing and increased mortality is an holistic approach to your daily life by offering true physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being – we call it ‘Healthy Ageing’:

  • Financial security
  • Basic necessities
  • Green living in a protected cork tree forest
  • Quality healthcare
  • Social engagement
  • And an inclusive culture (after all, the brain is a social organ – it needs relationships, stimulation and purpose to survive).

Innovative Funding Model

An innovative funding model for its Life Plan Community Resort. Through the Life Plan Agreement (LPA), residents benefit from a unique set of agreements. Learn More

We are sensitive and inclusive. At LPR you will never be separated from your spouse

LPR offers residence rights for you and your spouse. If you or your spouse falls ill, we ensure that you do not have to be separated. In addition, if one spouse passes away, the other will continue to receive lifetime usage rights for as long as they need them.

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“Dear Patricia,

Thank you very much for the special day yesterday.
We were totally surprised by the exceptionally enthusiastic approach and course of the programme yesterday and felt like VIP guests. With this you gave us the core of the concept as a special experience, thanks again for that.
(…) the start of such an ambitious project can only be successful with a professionally enthusiastic team that is convinced of the result, and that is you!

Kind regards Mrs and Mr T.”

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