We offer independent and assisted living options with tailored amenities to your needs. Plus, your family can conveniently stay and visit you at our on-site hotel.

Independent Living

Our carefully designed residences offer captivating views of the Reserva Natural do Estuário do Tejo (Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve), with 2.8 km of natural dam area, a cork tree forest and two golf courses.

Independent Living Options


1 bedroom | 1 bathroom

2 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms

3 bedrooms & Study | 2 bathrooms

Independent living apartments with choice of a fully equipped, fully serviced contemporary home included (1, 2 and 3 bed options). Villas, also with several typologies.


Hotel with 60 beds for children, grandchildren, family holidays and golf packages.

Independent living has the best of both worlds. Even if you are completely self-sufficient, you will still have access to lifestyle amenities and assistance when needed. This provides hassle-free living, with the peace of mind of knowing that all the help you need is right at your fingertips, wherever, whenever and however you want it, on a continuum of care.

Assisted living

We keep up with your needs. As your needs change, so do we. We offer various types of assisted living, from supportive care at home, supportive care in assisted living, nursing care and rehabilitation and/or specialised memory care. All with your well-being, safety and peace of mind.
Home Care Services

Home care services

Your personal choice is important to us and it’s understandable that many people prefer to ‘age in place’. We are able to provide almost all care and support services in your LPR home. Which means that even if your needs change, a transfer to an assisted living facility may not be necessary, as we can bring you all the care and support you need, including physical and human resources for chronic disease management and telemetry medication, among others.
Nursing care
We have specialist nursing facilities to provide outstanding nursing care 24 hours a day. Stays in these types of assisted living facilities are often short term, where residents move in to receive specialist care before returning home after a hospitalisation or surgery. This care can also be long-term, with residents receiving daily specialist care interventions for complex medical conditions.
Nursing Care

Memory care

Created exclusively to meet the challenges that come with cognitive decline, memory care offers residents the opportunity to engage meaningfully with their peers throughout the day, maintain a routine schedule that provides comfort, and interact with team members who are specially trained in dementia care best practices. In this type of assisted living residence, 24-hour care is provided to residents and is tailored to each resident’s needs and preferences, always in a safe environment.
Rehabilitation care

At LPR we also meet the needs of people who require specific rehabilitation care, with certified and dedicated professionals working to improve quality of life and give residents back their maximum level of independence.

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